Guide to finding rare birds around the world.

Ocean Wanderers
Seabird news, pelagic birding around the world, annotated lists of seabirds and marine mammals, photo gallery, photo quiz, list of identification articles, and links.

About Birding/Wild Birds
Articles and extensive links.

Watch phalaropes in the wild interact with each other.

Birding the World
Don Roberson's detailed guide to birding in each of the world's biogeographic regions.
Photos, songs, birding hot spots, checklists, links, and advice for new and backyard birders.

Fat Birder
News, comprehensive worldwide birding links, and reviews.

The Birding Home
Logs of birders' observations from around the world.

A search engine for birds and birding.

International Migratory Bird Day
Annual event held the second Saturday in May. Brief information about the event and online store.